Pilot Campaigns

Pilot Campaign

All new projects begin with a Pilot Campaign.  Often the client has not done a lead generation program before and is unaware of the expected results, costs and value.  While it is easy to set expectations from these programs, it is much more difficult and vital that they are REALISTIC expectations.  From experience we have a general idea of the results, but many things can affect results that are beyond our control such as:

  • quality of database (is it new, does it reach the right target market)

  • are the people we call have a need for the service you are providing?

  • is your name known to the people we are calling

  • what is your  “Value Proposition”  – what differentiates your product or service from your competitors.

All of the above affect the number of calls that have to be made and the average length of each call which ultimately affect the cost per appointment.

The purpose of the Pilot is to make enough calls to get a general idea of what it will cost to continue the project for the longer term.  We understand that in order to continue the campaign needs to be financially viable.  After the testing period is over, you will have the answers that you require to determine if this will work for you over a longer period.    It is not a large investment and you will receive some very important business intelligence in return.

  • the database

  • all the new information we were able to gather

  • no further obligations.

If the results indicate that a longer relationship is warranted – great.  We will assist in your planning.


Project Manager

A Project Manager is assigned to each project. They will oversee your project, meet with the Project Lead at least weekly to review results and experience that week.

Lead Appointment Setter

Each project also has a Lead Appointment Setter. The Lead Appointment Setter becomes the Expert. You will be able to communicate directly with either or both to answer any questions at any time.